A series of portrait illustrations and posters, dedicated to the vibrant open creative culture of BAUHAUS design school (1919 - 1933) and its leaders, masters and founders.

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of BAUHAUS
The portraits contain the elements of original Bauhaus teachings and play, brought to life in twenty first century.

Commissioned and personal works - ongoing project. Hope you enjoy it!

BAUHAUS 100 ▴ ▪︎ • Walter GROPIUS

Walter Gropius founded Bauhaus in 1919 in Weimar, Germany.
The Bauhaus Manifesto and Program defined the start of a new era of unity of arts, craftsmanship and technology in the beginning of the 20th century, giving priority to creativity and freedom of individuality.

A visioner, he left Bauhaus in 1928, having established one of the most well-known and influential art and design schools in the world.

The principles and legacy of Bauhaus are alive, and even more relevant and inspiring today, over one hundred years later.

BAUHAUS 100 ▴ ▪︎ • Wassily KANDINSKY

Wassily Kandinsky joined Bauhaus as a master in 1922.
He became its deputy director the following year.

Wassily Kandinsky's work layed foundations to abstract as a form of art.

Wassily Kandinsky  ⇡  Bauhaus 100 Years
152th anniversary in 2018

Wassily Kandinsky ▴ ▪︎ • 152 years

commemorative posters


Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe joined BAUHAUS in 1930 and was its director and master until its closure in 1933 in Berlin.

He was one of the most prominent avant-garde architects and designers of the time.
In 1929, before joining Bauhaus, he designed, together with Lilly Reich, future Bauhaus Master herself, what is now known as "Barcelona Pavilion" for the 1929 World Exhibition. The bulding, its concept and bespoke furniture, all eventually became the icons of modernism.

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