In this project I was invited to illustrate Science Friday math educational resource which explores different types of volcanic flows resulting from a volcanic eruption - with a story! 
«Let’s imagine that you, an average self-driving car, Bertie the World’s Fastest Tortoise, and Usain Bolt are all hanging out in the same town listening to the radio when a volcano erupts.
Will you all move fast enough to get to safety and outrun a volcano

The fastest Olympic sprinter in the world
Students are invited to create a set of equations and resolve several graphs to answer the question.
My task was to illustrate a colourful graph without giving away the actual answer :)
Volcanic eruptions which happened in Hawai'i and Guatemala in 2018 were both highly disruptive and life-threatening, however they were also very different.
The resourse is illustrating two types of volcanoes - Kīlauea and Fuego - based on a research by the U. S. Geological Survey geologist Ms. Elizabeth Westby.
Special thanks to Science Friday and Brian Soash for making this project happen!
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