Last year I was lucky to be invited to draw my first Magic: the Gathering cards
- from the variant set of the "Streets of New Capenna" - Basic Lands.

This is the Island card.
#inspirartion - grand Art Deco style meets magical old Hollywood on a sunny afternoon in a busy city bay

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AD: Sarah Wassell

final card preview ⇡⇣  illustration close ups
Preliminary sketches ⇣ #island #statue #arquitechture #vehicles - composition and colour variants
... a day on the water in the City harbor, where The Angels who built the City guard the bay...
This is a Land - Forest Plains Island card.
Spara's Headquarters
#inspirartion - majestic headquarters in Art Deco style with lushious gardens and indoor ponds crossed by delicately designed marble walkways
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This is the Forest card.
#inspirartion - majestic Art Deco entwined in uncanny mix of forest and the city
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