This series of posters celebrates the forthcoming 100'th anniversary of Bauhaus and is my entry to the #AdobeHiddenTreasures contest. My main source of inspiration was a book "Concerning the Spiritual in Art" written by Wassily Kandinsky in 1910 and first published in december 1911, before he joined Bauhaus in Dessau. These book has been an inspiraton for artist and designers for over a century and now is in public domain, available as a free download on Project Gutenberg.
The artwork is based on the recently recreated original Bauhaus typefaces Joschmi, Xants and CarlMarx, available now via Adobe Typekit.
Posters inspired by Bauhaus-stage performances and set designs.
The following poster was actually me having fun with XANTS typeface - the first time I saw the letter "f" - it immediately reminded me of a deep sea fish, while CARLMARX typeface with its curvy lines, associates with the wave in the sea. I have also used Kyle Webster's brushes in Photoshop - and this is the result of it :)
Futuristic cities - deconstructing Joschmi typeface. Inspired by Le Corbusier architecture and his reknown "Le Modulor"
And here is the full collection.

©2018 W.Flemming. Typefaces Joschmi, Xants and CarlMarx property of Adobe, available now via Adobe Typekit.

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