BAUHAUS WEAVERS is a series of portraits and posters, dedicated to remarkable female artists at the heart of Bauhaus school (1919 - 1933) and their pursiut of creative freedom to learn and to take an equal part in building a new brighter world.
At the beginning of the 20th century Bauhaus school emerged as one of the most progressive art schools in the world - the original manifesto stated that every student would have an equal opportunity to study and take part in any workshop regardless of their age or gender. And yet women's choices still were limited by a traditional perception that weaving was less physically challenging and therefore most appropriate for them. Most of them began their studies in the weaving workshop, and so became Bauhaus Weavers - weaving the most unique "tapestry" fusion of arts, crafts and tecnology, which became the BAUHAUS celebrated to these days.
This project is a tribute to all the BAUHAUS WEAVERS and to the work they created at and after studying and working at Bauhaus.
BAUHAUS WEAVERS is a continuation of BAUHAUS 100 MASTERS & FOUNDERS series.
This is the second part of the ongoing project, consisting of commissioned and personal works.
Hope you enjoy it!

1922 - 1930 studies at the Bauhaus, specialises in weaving.
1928 - 1931 becomes a deputy and an acting head of the Bauhaus Weaving workshop.
Anni Albers became one of the most prominent textile and graphic artists of the 20th century. In the Bauhaus she expermented with modernist abstract designs and new materials, creating iconic patterns for industrial textile production, and eventually became a teacher and the head of the Weaving workshop.

Anni Albers on the philosophy of the Bauhaus:
"What was most exciting about Bauhaus was that there was no teaching system yet in place. And you felt as if it depended only on you. You had to find your way of working in some way. That freedom is probably something essential that every student should experience."
1919 - 1931 studies and teaches at the Bauhaus, specialises in weaving.
1925 - becomes the first and the only official female master of the Bauhaus Weaving workshop.
Gunta Stölz was a passionate weaver and her extraordinary crafstmanship helped her to take an active part in applying the newly acquiered Bauhaus teachings of abstract art to traditional weaving techniques at the Bauhaus Weaving workshop from the very beginning.
She became the first and the only female Master of the Bauhaus Weaving workshop, and played a fundamental role in its development.
After leaving Bauhaus she continued her professional research and founded her own successful handweaving busine

Gunta Stölz on weaving:
"Materials in space ... have to serve their "function" ... Recognition and understanding of the spiritual problems of building willl show us the logical path."
BAUHAUS WEAVERS - Marianne Brandt
1924 - 1929 studies and teaches at the Bauhaus, specialises in metalwork.
1928 - becomes the head of the Bauhaus Metal workshop.
Marianne Brandt  was an authentic pioneer, the first woman admitted into the metalworking program at the Bauhaus. She fully embraced the Bauhaus's move toward functionalism, as expressed by Walter Gropius's slogan "art and technology, a new unity!".
Moved by the beauty of the simplest of forms, she designed some of the most iconic everyday objects ever created in Bauhaus - the silver tea infuser MT - 49 and the Kandem bedside table lamp, which also became a commercial success.

Marianne Brandt was also a passionate photographer, enjoyed making futuristic self-portraits and experimented with collage.
Gunta Stölz on Bauhaus:
"we wanted to create living things with contemporary relevance, appropriate to a new lifestyle. Before us, there was an enormous potential for experimentation. It was essential to define our imaginary world, to shape our experiences through material, rhythm, proportion, color, and form." 
Anni Albers * Gunta Stolzl * Marianne Brandt * Lilly Reich * Lucia Moholy * Ida Kerkovius * Otti Berger * Friedl Dicker-Brandeis * Corona Krause * Lou Scheper-Berkenkamp * Benita Koch-Otte * Ilse Fehling * Gertrud Arndt * Lotte beese * Lis Beyer-Volger * Alma Siedhoff-Buscher * * * * * and all the rest
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